Our mission


Our mission is to inspire, equip and mobilize students to take daring action on what they care about most.

Who we are


We are a creative, fun and dedicated team of professionals who care about making a difference.


Yes, we mainly work with students from schools but we believe all humans are students for life. Whether you are an institution, individual or business, we can inspire you in a few different ways.

Show Me



We have a fun, intensive 5 day workshop that will take students on a journey, where they will discover the process of empathy while figuring out what they care about most. Then we mobilize and change the world.



Sometimes, students need reassurance on their brilliance. Our team have extremely high EQ’s and we know exactly how to get them back on their game, feeling confident, inspired and ready to be their best selves.



Stories provoke change, help us connect and overcome fears. From walking along the coast of California for 60 days with no money, to traveling the world as a partially deaf singer, we hope to inspire you to be daring. 

We teach our students how to design beyond their own limitations, invoke the senses, and understand the power of incremental change. Check out some of the projects below!

November 2015

Haiti Shoebox Project

The Shoebox Project involved creating a team in Copenhagen to provide gifts and necessities for 25 orphanage children in Haiti.

April 2014

Walk Miles for Music

Founder of I Dare You to Care, walked over 400 mile along the coast of California with no money to talk about the importance of paying for music.

May 2013

Bungee for Alzheimer’s

Bungee jumping 180 feet, 63-year-old instigator Bonnie Dell took the challenge to raise money for Alzheimer’s research.

March 2013

Women Strut for Women

Year two of Women Strut for Women, with a Bollywood inspired theme. Raising over 150,000 dkk for women living in poverty in the Toronto Canada community.

May 2012

Bungee for Alzheimer’s

Year two for 64 year old Bonnie Dell and team, bungee jumping from the tallest jump in North America, raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society.

March 2012

Women Strut for Women

Women Strut for Women, a vintage inspired fashion show, to raise awareness and money for women living in poverty. 

March 2011

Women Strut for Women

Women Strut for Women, a vintage inspired fashion show, to raise awareness and money for women living in poverty in the Toronto community. 

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Welcome to our light bulb project.


We are motivating change one card at a time by handing out cards anonymously that say “I am your light bulb, here to brighten your day.”
We feel doing small acts of kindness evoke positive feelings for everyone involved and we would love to hear your stories.

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